Extra Security Windows

We offer windows with extra security features on both the locking side and the hinged side.

Locking Side

Maco Mk1 Shootbolt-Espagnolettes

  • Designed for profiles with euro-grooves
  • Fast fit assembly with a minimum of components
  • Profile designated striker plates with a night vent position
  • Adjustable length shootbolt throw
  • Passive Shootbolt for security purposes only
  • Compression achieved by adjustable mushroom bolts on sash rebate sizes over 400mm
  • Small lock case prep size for maximum profile strength
  • Available in 20 and 22mm backsets, with 7.7, 9.0 and 10.5mm high mushroom bolts
  • Mushroom and shootbolt striker plates interlock for maximum security
  • Shootbolt striker plates are designed to act as anti-jemmy devices
  • Total lock case depth is only 7mm more than backset
  • Tested to 7.4Kn, more than double the current requirements of BS7950:1997

Hinged Side

Securistyle Vector Excluder

The ultimate solution to security on the hinged side of the window

  • A secure solution to windows offering egress and easy external access without affecting the opening and closing performance of the hinge
  • No maintenance required
  • Test performance which can consistently exceed BS7950
  • Visibly effective yet unobtrusive
  • Manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee

Extra Security Window Fitted by Guild Home Improvements

Extra Security Window featuring both Maco products on the locking side and Securistyle products on the hinged side.