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High Quality Products
First Class Service
Fantastic Reputation
Industry Leading Brands
In-house Fitting Teams
Free Quotation

Window & Door
Replacement Specialists
About Us

Guild Home Improvements is one of the most established and successful home improvement businesses servicing Surrey and South London.

We pride ourselves on our professional attitude and offer a free quotation service with one of our knowledgeable window and door specialists, who can help guide you throughout your home improvement project from generic windows and doors to specialty double-glazing – we can do it all.

For all your windows, doors and double-glazing needs visit one of our stunning show centres in Epsom and Weybridge today.

High Quality Products
First Class Service
Fantastic Reputation
Industry Leading Brands
In-house Fitting Teams
Free Quotation
Choosing replacement double-glazing has never been easier. As specialists we offer a range of high quality windows, helping to improve any home.
Our wide range of tailor-made doors, are available in a variety of colours and finishes ensuring that we meet your expectations of both security and style.
Bi-fold doors and patio sliding doors
Extend your living space with the perfect conservatory, available in a range of different configurations, designed with you entirely in mind.
Rehau Quality Authorised Partner
Contact Us

What do you require?*


Which products are you interested in?

WindowsDoorsConservatoriesRoof lanternsFascias and Soffits

Which products are you interested in?

WindowsDoorsConservatoriesRoof lanternsFascias and Soffits

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