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GHI has been a local installer of home improvements across Surrey for a number of years. By partnering with Origin, we are able to supply and install high quality, well performing aluminium products in your home. Origin prides itself on creating and providing innovative products for homes that optimise performance and improve property value and kerb appeal.

We supply a range of Origin products for homeowners in Surrey, including Origin bifold doors from both the Contemporary and Soho ranges, internal and external steel-look doors and sliding doors. 

By choosing Origin products installed by GHI Windows, you know you are investing in high quality products that offer superb aesthetics and performance. Get a quote for your Origin home improvement projects, and benefit from premium quality products. 

We offer Origin products for homeowners in Surrey, including Epsom, Weybridge, Esher, Banstead, Carshalton and the surrounding areas.


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Origin Sliding Doors

We offer Origin Sliding doors, including the OS-20, OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77 ranges. Origin sliding doors provide slim sightlines, excellent thermal efficiency and accessibility for your home. The OS-20 is the Artisan sliding door from Origin, which is the slimmest of the sliding doors offered for installation. The OS-29 is the smallest of the sliding door range, followed by the OS-44 and OS-77, which are great for larger properties or broader entryways. These sliding doors can be completely customised to your home, including the colour and finish options, handle hardware and the overall size and configuration of the door, so you can be sure to match your new sliding door to your existing property.  

Origin Bifold Doors

Here at GHI Windows, we offer both the Soho and Contemporary bifold door ranges from Origin. Bifold doors are the ideal option for homeowners looking to create a more open entryway, offering enhanced accessibility and natural flow throughout the home into the outside garden space. The Soho range is aluminium bifold doors, which feature glazing bars, for a more traditional look and aesthetic. The Contemporary range provides slim sightlines and more glazing space, without the glazing bars featured on the Soho range. Origin bifold doors are versatile for your home, and come in multiple panels, sizes and configurations for your property. We offer the original Origin OB-72 bifold door, which features a 72mm sash; the OB-49 bifold door, which is a slimline bifold door with 49mm sashes; and the luxury OB-36 bifolding door, the market's slimmest bifold door with 36mm sashes. The OB-36 bifold door is available in the Soho range, offering a traditional aesthetic with glazing bars, or the Contemporary range, for a modern, sleeker finish without glazing bars.

Origin Steel Look Doors

Origin's steel look external doors are a beautiful option for a sleek finish for your home. These steel look doors are great for weatherproofing against adverse conditions, have excellent thermal and energy efficiency, and add a retro aesthetic to your property. Origin steel look external doors are also available in the Soho and Contemporary ranges. You can choose the perfect steel look external door for your house, matching it directly to your property's architecture. Origin steel look external doors can be configured to open inwards or outwards, can be designed with dual colourways to match the interior and exterior of your home, and have optional hardware finishes and threshold options. 

Origin Steel Look Internal Doors

Steel look internal doors are great for homeowners looking to recreate a retro feel throughout their property, whilst offering modern aesthetics and functionality. Steel look internal doors provide enhanced natural light throughout the home due to the glazing sections, and are designed to withstand constant daily use, meaning they are incredibly durable. You can also choose the configuration for your new Origin OI-30  steel-look internal doors, including French or single doors. We also offer corner configurations, screens and New York style screens within the Origin OI-30 steel look internal doors range. These are ideal options for homeowners looking for room dividers, so you can completely separate areas of your home with glazing, for separate living spaces.

Origin Windows

Origin windows feature aluminium frames, which provide excellent weatherproofing, as they do not become susceptible or damaged when exposed to harsh weather conditions. They also provide improved security, as they cannot be easily forced or damaged to gain entry, and beautiful aesthetics due to their sleek, modern appearance. Origin windows can also be tailored to your home and come in a variety of styles, such as casement, slimline, and fixed windows. We offer Origin OW-80 windows for a more traditional window style, and the OW-70, for a slimline, sleek and modern finish, ideal for new builds.  

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Origin Entrance Doors

We also offer Origin Entrance doors, the ideal aluminium front door for homeowners looking for security, thermal efficiency and stunning aesthetics. We offer the Kensington, Sandringham and Midrail ranges, which can also be customised to suit your property’s existing architecture. You can also tailor your new entrance doors to suit your needs, including low threshold options for homeowners with mobility issues or wheelchair users and with a range of hardware, including letterboxes, knockers and handles. Regardless of the entrance door you choose, you can rest assured that you will not have to compromise on security or energy and thermal efficiency when you choose Origin entrance doors for your Surrey home.

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Robust Options

The Origin products we offer here at GHI Windows are robust and versatile, so you can choose the style and finish that will perfectly fit your property. These products can also be fitted into any property type, regardless of whether you are a homeowner of a period, heritage home or new build. 


Origin products are known for being high quality, top performance products which are built to last. Designed and manufactured with durable aluminium means that your external doors are strong against forced entry and adverse weather conditions, and both internal and external doors and windows can offer enhanced thermal efficiency and security.

Tailored to Your Home

If you are looking for bespoke, customisable doors for your home, you can be sure that the Origin window and door range we offer will perfectly match your home with a variety of colour and finish options, configurations and hardware choices.

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Origin Home Improvement Projects

We understand that every home is different, and that you may have specific ideas for your home improvement project. Our quotes are bespoke to your project so that we can incorporate your needs and desires. 

Get in touch with our team of experts for more information on the Origin products we offer and for a quote for your home improvement project. We provide home improvements for homeowners in Surrey and the surrounding areas, including Epson, Esher, Banstead, Weybridge, Carshalton and more. 

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