Slimline Pivot Doors

Enhance the thermal efficiency of your home with our sleek, minimalistic pivot doors, offering large glass panes for enhanced natural light. Our pivot doors are sourced from market leading manufacturers, ensuring that the pivot doors we install into your home will provide warmth, improved natural light, enhanced security, further comfort and weatherproofing.

Our pivot doors add elegance and class to your home, whilst also creating a stunning focal point for the property. These doors also offer modern functionality due to their pivot opening, and the design and build of the door provide an effortless and smooth opening at all times for years to come. These doors also boast slim frames, for an uninterrupted visual viewpoint and to let in more natural light.

For more information on the pivot door options we have available here at GHI, get in touch with the team today.

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Thermal Efficiency

These glass pivot doors are perfect for homeowners looking for improved thermal and energy performance for their property. Fitted with thermally broken frames, you can be sure that your stunning new entryway will aid in enhancing your home's thermal efficiency.

Slimline Frames

Ideal for homeowners who are looking for a wider viewpoint, enhanced natural light, and beautiful aesthetics, pivot doors from GHI feature slim frames for a more expansive view of your home.

Improved Accessibility

Due to the build structure of pivot doors, they can be customised to any size you wish. This allows for improved functionality and accessibility, as you can make your new pivot door as large or as small as you want to, perfect for properties which need wheelchair accessibility or room for pushchairs.


Our pivot doors open up a world of possibilities with our customisable options. From glazing bars to a range of colour frames available, you can have the pivot doors of your dreams designed and installed by GHI for your Surrey home.

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Pivot Door Prices

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Enhanced Weatherproofing with A Unique Base Threshold

Our pivot doors feature a unique, magnetic weather sealing base threshold. Once the pivot door is closed, a magnetic weather bar rises from within the threshold and slots into the bottom of the door, protecting your home from rainwater that may have entered through a gap between the frame and threshold. This unique threshold is paired with a water channel that is integrated into the frame, so water doesn’t pool around the door, causing dampness or leaks.

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Highly Secure

Due to the slim built frame of pivot doors, the locking mechanisms are built into the frame itself. This is ideal for security aware homeowners, as it means the locking mechanism cannot be tampered with from the outside of the door. The locking mechanisms used within our pivot doors are tested to RC2 security ratings, so you can be sure that the pivot doors we have installed will keep your home and belongings safe.

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Frame and Glazing Options

Pivot doors installed by GHI include double glazing for enhanced thermal performance and weatherproofing. We also have the option of customising the glass within the pivot door with decorative glass or glazing bars. The frame of the pivot door is aluminium, perfect for homeowners looking for a low maintenance door option, as aluminium is robust against adverse weather and forced entry, providing more security. Aluminium can also be cleaned with ease.

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Modern Aesthetics

The pivot doors we supply and install for homeowners in Surrey offer a beautiful, elegant focal point and accessway for your home. Large glass panes offer a contemporary aesthetic for your home whilst also increasing the amount of natural light that can enter the property. With customisation options, you can create the pivot door of your dreams with different frame colours and glazing options.

Pivot doors also offer modern functionality, including low thresholds, preventative weatherproofing systems and highly secure locking mechanisms. This, combined with the unusual, modern opening mechanism for pivot doors whereby they glide open outwardly on a track, boasts further modern aesthetics.

If you have any queries or want more information or a quote for a pivot door for your home, get in touch with the team at GHI. We work with you to design and install the perfect home improvements for your Surrey home.

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