We’re here to give you some top reasons why you should invest in double glazing windows for your Streatham home today.


Reasons You Should Invest in GHI replacement double glazing For Your Streatham Home.

#1. Energy Saving Windows

  • Putting money into double glazed windows for your Streatham home, you could stand to save as much as £115-£131 per year on what you pay on your energy bills.
  • Keeping the heat of your home from escaping through poorly proofed windows, you can keep energy bills down, and save.
  • Not only are our window designs energy efficient, but our window installation team will work their magic to make sure your replacement windows are professionally fitted.

#2. A Good Night’s Sleep

  • When you live in a built up area like Streatham, frequently, the noise of the city can interrupt a night’s sleep.
  • From car horns, to the sound of night-time revelers, inner city living can take its wreak havok with your sleep.
  • But by investing in double glazing, Streatham residents can not only keep the heat in, but you can also keep the sound out.
  • You’ll be sleeping like a baby once our expert window installation Streatham team has installed your new, double glazed windows.

#3. The Look

  • In our range, we have a superb array of windows. With different colours, styles and finishes on offer, you are sure to find the right double glazing design for you and your Streatham home.
  • We understand that each house is it’s own character, so when you’re shopping with us, you’ll find the perfect windows to suit the distinct look of your individual home.

How to Get in Touch

With so many great reasons to invest in new double glazing, Streatham residents should give us a call today.

Our friendly team can be reached on: 0208 647 0600 or via email on info@guildhomeimprovements.co.uk.

Whether you’d like to take advantage of a no obligation quotation, or simply want to find out more about the way we work, GHI Windows looks forward to hearing from you.

Your Streatham home is just a phone call away from running more efficiently, and looking even better!

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