Modern Steel Look Windows for Your Walton-on-Thames Home

You may choose from a wide variety of stunning steel look window alternatives at GHI if you’re wanting to replace your windows in Walton-on-Thames. Our steel look windows provide you with the ability to fully preserve the historic appearance of your property and give you a profile that delivers an astounding array of performance advantages.

To replicate the look of traditional steel look windows, the profiles can be stacked to form a multi-part window using horizontal couplers, thus helping you to retain the character of your building. On top of this, you can select from a variety of bespoke customisations, enabling you to construct unique double-glazed steel look windows that adhere to your precise aesthetic preferences.

You may be confident that your steel look windows are made to deliver outstanding standards of thermal performance, security, durability, and longevity because we partner with the leading brand SMART. Get in contact with our staff to learn more about our double glazing in Walton-on-Thames, including our aluminium windows.

steel replacement windows Walton-on-Thames

Bespoke Designs

One thing our steel look windows provide our customers with is the choice to use their creativity to design perfect steel look profiles which match their vision. You can customise the profiles to be as bright or as subtle as you wish because they are offered in a variety of single and dual colour options. To assist you match the profiles to existing windows of your Walton-on-Thames property, there is even a selection of custom window hardware and accessories.

Thermal Efficiency

Our steel look windows use aluminium frames and double glazing which offer superb heat retention. These profiles will trap warm air in your property, keeping your home at a consistently pleasant temperature all year round!

Durable Designs

We work with industry-leading brands that have been producing steel look windows for several years. They use aluminium which is highly durable and has inherent strength; combined with precision engineering so you can trust that the profiles have been carefully crafted to ensure excellent durability. These profiles will prevent you from repairing or replacing the steel windows soon after installation.

Prompt Installation

GHI have a team of highly skilled a respectful installers. We take pride in providing our customers with excellent service, therefore we do our best to make minimal disruptions to your daily routine, working quickly and accurately to install your replacement stell look windows. In addition to this, we can answer all questions you may have and we always keep you informed throughout the whole process.

Heritage Steel Look Windows, Walton-on-Thames

We can assist you if you’re trying to design a heritage home with steel windows. The steel look windows’ cutting-edge design and meticulous detail imitate every component of a classic steel window, however, uses only the best aluminium providing additional performance benefits. 

You can select from a variety of steel look window handles from our selection, including Art-Deco handles, bulb-end handles, Art-Deco handles, and monkey-style handles. Whichever design you choose, you may make a steel alternative window that has the ideal heritage appeal.

steel alternative windows Walton-on-Thames
steel replacement windows Walton-on-Thames

Maximum Security

One of our top objectives is making sure your Walton-on-Thames home is safe and secure. In your Walton-on-Thames home, you can safeguard what’s important with our steel-look windows. To deter burglars, we use modern locking systems, heavy-duty hinges, and aluminium profiles. As a consequence, you will enjoy decades of peace of mind in your home.


In comparison to traditional steel windows, these alternative profiles are completely weatherproof, meaning they will not warp, bend, twist or rot in any unpredictable Walton-on-Thames weather forecasts. Additionally, our window colour profiles have a powder coating which prevents the colours from fading.

Low Maintenance

You will only need to clean the glass and frame of your new Walton-on-Thames steel look windows with a damp cloth to maintain their pristine appearance. With a small wipe down they should keep the same appearance as the initial day they were installed in years to come. You don’t have to worry about replacing the windows after years of exposure to the weather because the steel replacement windows are made from a blend of strong and durable components.

Steel Look Windows Prices in Walton-on-Thames

Get a free quotation for stunning steel look windows in Walton-on-Thames now.

Steel Replacement Windows Prices, Walton-on-Thames

You’ve come to the right place if you’d like to learn more about the price of our steel look windows. 

Do not hesitate to contact a member of our team if you have any queries about steel look windows in Walton-on-Thames. We can provide you with all the knowledge and guidance you require, simply give us a call at 0800 731 4582 or use our online form.

Alternatively, Why not use our online quoting tool to get a customised quote based on the precise details of your steel look windows design brief. Just enter all the details and receive a tailored price in minutes.

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