Breathe New Life into Your Steel Windows

GHI steel replacement windows are the best choice for making sure you can keep your building’s original appearance while taking advantage of contemporary technological advancements. GHI customers will take advantage of unmatched levels of thermal efficiency, security, durability, and performance.

These steel replacement windows can be stacked using horizontal couplers to create a multi-part window, matching the original architectural window design, to accommodate listed building renovations and large-scale refurbishment projects. This indicates that our customers can take advantage of a design that adheres to the original construction.

Our structural steel look windows use the Smart aluminium profile, which enables them to replicate the appearance of steel through a state-of-the-art profile design. As a result, we can install steel replacement windows in Wimbledon that utilise a polyamide bridge and double glazing, therefore benefitting from increased thermal efficiency. 


steel replacement windows Wimbledon

Customisable Steel Look Doors

We provide a variety of conventional colour options for our steel look windows, including metallic and dual colours. In addition, homeowners can choose Smart's Sensations textured and Alchemy anodized effect finishes. Therefore you have the creative capacity to find something that is intended to stand out or fit in.

Thermal Efficiency

With our steel look windows, you won't have to worry about keeping the WImbledon winter winds at bay. To trap warm air pockets, this contemporary design uses a thermally fractured profile and a polyamide bridge. This means that your house will stay at a consistently pleasant temperature.

Highly Secure

When upgrading your home with steel look windows, you want peace of mind that your belongings and family are safe and secure. These steel look profiles are equipped with multi-point locking systems that engage at different points of the build: integrated into the frame to provide maximum security against the elements and burglars.

Low Maintenance

As all of our steel look windows are manufactured using premium aluminium, you can rest assured that they require very little maintenance from you to ensure they perform and look at their initial appearance year after year. You won’t have to worry about these structural windows rotting, warping, cracking, rusting, or bowing out of shape when they face unpredictable weather conditions in Wimbledon.

Bring Your New Home Improvements to Life!

Here at GHI, we use cutting-edge Windowlink technology to assist you in designing new steel look windows for your Wimbledon home if you’re having trouble picturing it. This feature is portable, so we can bring a tablet over to your house so you can use it to bring your next investment to life. This is the method to use if you want to test how a door appears on your Wimbledon property in a specific colour or incorporate some Astragal bars into the glass.

steel alternative windows Wimbledon
steel replacement windows Wimbledon

Durable Profiles

Our aluminium steel look windows are ideal for Wimbledon homeowners are aluminium provides inherent strength and is highly durable. Your home will be secure because of its contemporary design combined with technological advancements. Additionally, they can survive various severe weather conditions, so you can continuously use your replacement steel look windows without worrying about them getting damaged.

Modern Design

Wimbledon homeowners looking to enhance their homes will find our selection of steel look windows is the ideal choice. The architectural steel look windows have been created using contemporary materials and technologies to offer exceptionally narrow sightlines. From this, our customers can benefit from uninterrupted views and an abundance of light

Market-leading Profiles

Working with SMART, they have been able to meticulously test the steel look windows to ensure better performance. The market leading profile and improved performance benefits will give you complete peace of mind that you’re investing in only the best steel look windows.

Weatherproofing is another advantage of steel look windows with aluminium profiles. As a result, the frames will not break, twist, or rot under any circumstances. Furthermore, our windows feature a powder coating that keeps the colours from fading or scratching.

Steel Look Windows Prices in Wimbledon

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Steel Look Windows Prices, Wimbledon

You can make an appointment with a member of our welcoming team now to learn more about our selection of steel look windows. They’ll provide you with the professional guidance you need to create the ideal steel replacement windows.

Alternatively, you can use our online contact form, and our staff will be available to address inquiries or assist with custom design possibilities. In addition to this, feel free to phone us at 0800 731 4582 where we will try our best to answer and clear up any questions you may have.

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