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Room to design

The level of customisation our aluminium doors can provide to a space cannot be understated. All the doors we offer come in a range of colours both RAL and standard. Whatever the size or room you require, we will have you covered.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium doors thankfully require some of the lowest maintenance requirements of any alternative material. We only recommend the occasional wipe down to ensure the door looks as clean as the day we installed it for you.

Thermal Efficiency

Sealed fixtures are married with double glazing to ensure our aluminium doors trap the heat in for longer, potentially saving you money on your heating bills over time.

Built to be Secure

Comfort and aesthetics are both key factors to consider when purchasing a new aluminium door for your home, but security is equally important. Peace of mind is what we promise with all our doors so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe when away.

aluminium doors farnham

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Aluminium Doors Prices

For more information on the prices of our aluminium doors, contact our team today and we can provide you with all you need to know about how much aluminium doors cost.

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Saving You Money with Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors can effectively make you money over time. You may be wondering how such as thing is possible but when we consider this material’s unique properties it begins to become clear.

This is largely due to two main factors which separate aluminium doors from other door materials and designs. The most prominent feature would be that aluminium doors are very low maintenance. Unlike certain wooden doors which may require a repaint after several years and need to be treated, aluminium doors simply require the occasional wipe down to ensure they remain to look clean.

This can also save on the potential call-out fees if a door were to bow, flake or rot over time. This is not a possibility for aluminium doors as they do not react this way when exposed to the elements.

Another feature that aluminium doors excel at would be their extreme thermal efficiency. How this can save you money is relatively self-explanatory; you will be extremely grateful for them in the winter and autumn months.

The heat retention properties of the aluminium doors are largely due to the quality of the secure fixtures as well as the double glazing which comes as standard with all our doors.

aluminium door styles farnham

Crafting Your Dream Aluminium Door

We offer a wealth of customisation features for your Walton-on-Thames home improvement project. Even once you have selected the style of aluminium door you are looking for (bifold, patio sliding etc.) you will still have many other ways to tweak to get your desired result.

We have numerous colour options from RAL colours to standard matte, whatever style would best fit your home we should have an option that fits you.

There are also size requirements which again should be no problem when you contact us directly, we can ascertain what kind of space you are dealing which and investigate the right options for you and your home.

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Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Security is important to us, and it is to you too I’d wager. Well, you can now relax as our aluminium doors are built with security in mind. In the manufacturing process, they are graded on many different metrics including durability and only those with the passing grade make it off the floor.


All our aluminium doors come fitted with a multi-lock system, so you know your home is secure and safe whether you are home or away.

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Aluminium Doors Prices, Walton-on-Thames

If you have been considering the purchase of aluminium doors for your home, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today via our online form or if you would prefer to talk it through with a professional you can call a member of our friendly team on 0800 731 4582.


For a bespoke quote, personalised to your specific projects requirements you should check out our quoting engine. It is a simple matter of inputting a few details and within minutes you will get a full breakdown of the costs. Start your home improvement journey today.

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