aluminium doors in Worcester Park

Secure and Safe

Preinstalled with a multi-lock system and coupled with the resilience of aluminium, you can rest assured that your home is both safe and secure.

Ease of Use

Aluminium is a very lightweight metal which makes it ideal for construction and handles after the fact. You will find all our aluminium doors easy to glide open or closed at the flick of a wrist.

Superb Performance

Thermally efficient, lightweight, energy-saving, resilient and secure. We accept nothing but the best from our aluminium doors and their consistently excellent performance.

Long Lasting

With some home improvement projects come the acceptance that in several years this item may need to be replaced. Not so with our aluminium doors, we cannot speak in terms of years but rather decades of use.

aluminium doors Worcester Park

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Aluminium Doors Prices

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Which Style is right for you?

There are several different profiles of the aluminium door to choose from and what one is the best fit depends on what you want from your door.

Those seeking more of a modern sleek design may opt for the ever-popular aluminium patio sliding door. The ultra-slim profiles of these doors maximise on glass space, meaning more natural light can flood into your home. Aluminium patio sliding doors are likely to be the easiest you have ever used, glide your doors open with the lightest of touches.

However, for some simply have extra natural light through the frames of your door is not enough. That is when it may be worth considering aluminium bifold doors. These doors maximise space and open your home, unlike any other style can. The lightweight nature of the material also means manoeuvring its panels are a breeze to use.

Fortunately, whatever style you choose GHI offers a host of customisation options for you to choose from. There are several different colours from standard colour to RAL variants whatever you are looking for we should have the right hues to compliment your home’s unique style.

aluminium door styles Worcester Park

The Ease of Aluminium Doors

Aluminium has several unique properties which make it ideal for the construction of doors, chief among them would be its lightweight nature. Both our patio sliding and bifold door range benefit greatly from this boon.

These styles of door exist with other materials, but few others can boast the ease of which it would be to glide an aluminium patio door closed or gently collapse the bi-folds with minimal effort.

The effortlessness does not stop there however as our aluminium doors are famous for their minimal maintenance. Whereas most other materials require scheduled treatment or paintwork after several years, aluminium avoids this issue completely.

Aluminium doors will not rot, flake, expand or warp either over time or when exposed to the elements. The only attention they require at all is the occasional wipe down to ensure they remain looking as clean as the day we installed them for you.

modern aluminium doors Worcester Park

The Comforts of Aluminium Doors

What kind of comforts could aluminium doors provide to you and your home? We touched on them briefly before but in a few words, security, and thermal efficiency.

Security is the barest requirement any door should provide but we are pleased to tell you our aluminium doors do not compromise on this for their other features at all. Each aluminium door we provide has undergone several rigorous tests to ensure they are sturdy and secure.

Thermal efficiency is also another comfort you can take from your new aluminium door as they are exceptional at capturing heat and retaining it for longer.

replacement aluminium doors Worcester Park

Aluminium Door Prices, Worcester Park

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home in Worcester Park, then our aluminium doors are the ideal choice for you. We at GHI have combined modern designs and impeccable performance at extremely competitive prices.

A few of our products are sliding doors, casement windows, double glazing, conservatories, sliding sash windows, aluminium doors, bifold doors and aluminium windows in Worcester Park. Give our quoting engine a try now and you’ll get a price customised to your exact needs.

If you’d like to discuss your options with a professional, then call a member of our team directly by calling us on 0800 731 4582 or send us a message here.

We can’t wait to begin this home improvement journey with you.

double glazed aluminium doors Worcester Park

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