Bi-Folding Doors – Opening Up A World Of Possibilities

Over the years our homes have changed considerably particularly in the design and layout. Our needs have also changed and what was popular back in the day is no longer serving our style of living today. In particular families tend to want to share their living space in order to keep an eye on young children and to also entertain in a space that gives them freedom to move and freedom to socialise in more than a small dining room or kitchen.

Gone are the old fashioned serving hatches that were designed to make life that much easier passing plates of food through from the kitchen to the dining room to outstretched hands or the wobbly mobile food trolley that could be wheeled from the kitchen into the dining room alleviating the need for many trips back and forth between two very separate spaces.

According to a recent survey by Houzz UK it revealed that we spend around 12% of our lives in the kitchen – that’s an average of 2.8 hours a day. Unless you really like to cook, that may make you feel a bit depressed, that is until you factor in the trend for open-plan living which sees us not just using the kitchen to prepare food, but for a whole host of other activities too.

Opening up space in a home doesn’t just mean our internal living space, thanks to new door technology design more than ever homeowners want to create that luxurious inside, outside feeling, particularly for entertaining. Bi-folding doors and sliding doors have really grown in popularity and over time have become very affordable. Folding doors fold back in sections or so-called panels and more popular today is the phrase bi-fold doors, in spite of them most often having more than two panels. Bi-folding doors can be used internally and externally and can add a wow factor to any space. Most folding doors are glazed and the panels have frames that are made of either wood, aluminium or PVCu.

Depending on the type of look you want and the dimensions of the opening most modern folding door (sets) can be up to several meters in width and thereby considerably increase both physical and visual accessibility between either two internal rooms or an internal room and an outside space.

At Guild Home Improvements we have a range of beautifully designed, versatile doors suitable for wherever you want to transform your home, living room, bedroom, kitchen or conservatory. The modern aesthetics of our bi-fold doors will add a touch of finesse to any external aspect of your home. When closed our doors complement your home with a striking glass façade with attractive curved characteristics that are pleasing to the eye and give your home a wow factor.

What’s more, if the weather is rather unpredictable, within seconds, you can be seamlessly sliding shut bi-fold doors and finish off your entertaining inside, in comfort.

By folding the sections back you can have a stunning opening that draws the exterior ambiance into the comfort of your home. We ensure that our aluminium profiles are designed to give strength and durability to ensure a structurally sound product that requires minimal maintenance, delivering a reliable performance over a lifetime of use.

Indeed our aluminium sections utilise the latest polyamide thermal barrier technology. This advanced profile technology creates a thermal transmittance barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside, keeping your home warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather, helping to reduce energy bills. Threshold options are available to give improved weather performance and our sliding sashes have the option of folding back internally or externally, with a wide choice of sash configurations.

For ease of access you do not have to open the doors up completely, you can open in the centre like French doors or from the side like an entrance door. Our aluminium profiles are finished in polyester powder coated paint and are available in a huge range of colours and finishes that includes dual colour, realistic wood structure and metallic paint options enabling them to fit in with any existing colour schemes. The polyester powder coated paint finish is produced to the highest standards and quality and thanks to our high-security multi-point locking mechanisms fitted on opening sashes, shoot bolt locks on floating mullions and internally glazed sealed units you can be sure of total security and total peace of mind.

Our products continue to perform to the highest standards of reliability and durability in terms of materials, product performance and service and it is for these reasons that we fully support independent certification and assessment schemes such as those offered by the British Standards Institute.

We also ensure that our manufacturers are committed to working towards a sustainable working environment and to ensur that every aspect of our activities is conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, GHI Windows is able to offer a bespoke bi-fold or sliding door service. We customise every aspect of your project whether it be colour, style or size and varied combinations to really give it the wow factor. What’s more our skilled, knowledgeable specialists at GHI will be able to work with you to create a unique design full of beauty and elegance to provide the perfect space for living or dining. Call 0800 731 4582 today or email

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