Why Bifold Doors are a Great Option for your Surrey Property

Here at GHI, we offer a range of bifold doors from various suppliers, perfect for your Surrey home. Bifold doors are an ideal way to open your home to nature, improve accessibility and ventilation within the property and increase your house’s market and curb value.

If you have a bifold doors Surrey, London, Epsom or Weybridge project, or are within the surrounding areas, GHI are your local, trusted installer of double glazing solutions across Surrey. Get in touch with the team for a quote for your bifold doors projects.

Our Bifold Door Suppliers

ALUK, Origin, Schuco and Smart Systems supply our bifold doors. 

ALUK is a market leading manufacturer of aluminium bifold doors. ALUK offers affordable bifold doors that are perfect for all budgets. They also provide a range of styles, allowing you to design the perfect bifolding door for your home. 

Origin is renowned for its high quality, premium products. Origin offers bifold doors that encompass elegance and practicality. Combining security, efficiency, durability and improved aesthetics, Origin bifold doors are the perfect addition to modern and contemporary properties, giving your home an unprecedented wow factor. 

Schuco boasts an aluminium bifold door range that features minimalist, slimline frames that are incredibly robust and secure. The German brand provides high-quality bifold doors that last years to come, which are fitted with modern double glazing and ensure an abundance of natural light can enter the home. 

Smart Systems bifold doors offer unique features, making them different to other bifold doors on the market. Smart Systems bifold doors are perfect for all budgets as they are priced competitively, whilst also combining a slimline frame and excellent functionality in their design. 

Benefits of Bifold Doors

Thermal Efficiency

Aluminium is an ideal material for enhanced thermal efficiency. Due to its robust and secure build, aluminium bifold door frames combined with double glazing improve your home’s heat retention, therefore having a positive impact on your energy bills. 

Our aluminium bifold doors are built to trap pockets of warm air, ensuring that no existing warmth can escape through the doors and no cold air from outside can enter. 

Highly Secure

Not only is aluminium an inherently strong material that is unlikely to be accessed through applied force or other break-in efforts, but our bi-fold doors are fitted with highly secure locking mechanisms for further security. 

Due to the robust profile of our aluminium bifold doors, you can also rest assured that your new bifold doors will be resistant to any damage, ensuring no amount of force will cause extensive damage to the door.

Low Maintenance

Our bifold doors are low maintenance, so they are perfect for homeowners who are looking for doors that do not need hours of attention to keep them looking fresh and like new for the long term. Aluminium is an ideal material for low-maintenance households, as it does not rot, warp or crack the way uPVC bifold doors can.

Aluminium is also durable against adverse weather conditions, so even the harshest of weather conditions will not affect the build structure of our aluminium bifold doors, ensuring they will not need repairs and maintenance due to the weather.

The aluminium bifold doors we offer can also be kept looking fresh for longer with a simple wipe down with soapy water and a damp cloth. This regular cleaning will keep your doors looking brand new for the long term.


Due to bifold doors’ huge opening capacity, your home will benefit from an improved viewpoint of your property, whilst also improving its accessibility. Bifold doors are perfect for homes where wheelchair access is needed, as bifold doors can be installed with low thresholds, making accessibility easy.

Our bifold doors also fold back to improve accessibility, as they do not take up much room once open.

Improved Sightlines and Ventilation

Improved thermal efficiency and security systems are not the only benefits you will find when investing in bifold doors for your property. Due to their large opening, you will benefit from a larger visual span from your door, making these an excellent choice for properties with large gardens. 

These bifold doors also offer enhanced ventilation due to the option of opening only one or multiple glass panels. This allows for improved airflow throughout the property.

Windowlink Technology – See Before You Buy

Here at GHI, we offer Windowlink technology, so we can assist you in visualizing your new bifold doors. This feature is mobile so that we can visit your home and you can see your new bifold doors come to life in your home.

Has this article inspired you to invest in some bifold doors? Get in touch with the team at GHI for more information or for a quote for your bifold doors Surrey, London, Wimbledon, Dorking and surrounding areas projects.

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