Case Study: Aluminium Sliding Doors & Roof Lantern Installation in Ashtead

Our client in Ashtead was looking to enhance their property with a fresh set of sliding doors. They were also in the market for a new flat Rooflight and roof lantern to both produce more natural light during the day and warm light in the evenings. Ultimately, they wanted to create a new modern space for their family and to entertain guests, so they reached out to us. 

Our solutions for this brief were InfiniGLIDE 3 doors, Infinilight Flat Rooflights and Korniche Roof Lantern

Both ourselves and the client were very pleased with this renovation and so we wanted to share this with you. Perhaps you can take some inspiration from this for your own home improvement project.

aluminium doors InfiniGLIDE 3 ashtead

InfiniGLIDE 3 Aluminium Doors 

For their patio sliding doors, we chose to go with InfiniGLIDE 3 aluminium sliding doors. This is because InfiniGLIDE offers both stunning aesthetics and a super slim 20mm set of sightlines, which would answer our clients wishes to have more natural light in their kitchen space. 

These doors also provided them with the ease of use they were looking for in a replacement set of doors, and with such a low threshold of just 44mm, they were the perfect easy access solution for their home.

The final reason for going with the InfiniGLIDE option was due to their sleek yet subtle profile as it would complement the existing modern aesthetic of their Ashtead home. 

aluminium doors InfiniGLIDE 3 ashtead

Infinilight Flat Rooflights

In order to match the modern aesthetic of this Ashtead property best we opted for an effectively frameless look, this allowed the clients to enjoy as much natural light as possible as well as unobstructed views of their garden space. 

To maintain a harmonious feel to the renovation Infinilight Flat Rooflights were also chosen to complement the existing doors. This Rooflight specialises in allowing natural light to pour into the room and its profile does not have a heavy frame to obstruct the view. 

It also comes fully equipped with the most cutting edge thermal technology, the InfiniLIGHT creates unmatched insulation levels. Our Ashtead clients will be very grateful in the winter months for the potential energy savings they will accrue. 

Infinilight Flat Rooflights ashtead

Korniche Roof Lantern

Part of our client’s initial brief was also to be able to entertain guests in this new space and what better way than with these utterly stunning roof lanterns by Korniche. 

Korniche Roof Lantern ashtead

In addition to supplementing the requirement for additional natural light during the day, these lanterns will also help to greatly protect this space in the house from the elements. 

Unlike the other aluminium additions to this Ashtead renovation which were subtle polish, this was the bold statement our clients wanted to make. We think they look fantastic. 

The aluminium frames of this feature are extremely durable and not at all susceptible to, wrapping or rot. This product, much like the others showcased here are designed to stand the test of time. 

Ashtead Aluminium Doors and Rooflight Prices 

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