Case Study: uPVC Sash Windows, Surrey

This Surrey customer was looking for the perfect windows to modernise their home whilst retaining some of the charming historic architectural characteristics. This client opted for slim timber-like profiles with an industry-leading 35mm meeting rail. The uPVC sash windows that have been installed for this client have completely fulfilled their vision! 

By choosing to install uPVC Sash Windows, this client has taken full advantage of retaining original aesthetics whilst heightening the functionality and benefiting from increased performance. Sash Windows enhance thermal efficiency, durability, security and weatherproofing. Along with their increased performance, they administer a stunning appearance. 

Please continue reading if you want to learn more about this amazing Surrey project. If you want to learn more about how we can install new uPVC sash windows that will significantly improve the functionality of Surrey properties, get in touch with us today! 

Premium uPVC Sash Windows

This Surrey customer chose uPVC sliding sash windows because they have been able to match their home’s period architecture seamlessly. 

This customer was able to customise each window profile to fulfil their needs. The image below shows that some of their windows were manufactured using frosted glazing on half of the window profile. Adding frosted glazing is perfect to add privacy to certain rooms. 

Glazing is not the only aspect you can tailor to your requirements. You can choose uPVC colours, finishes and hardware. This particular Surrey customer has opted for white to create a clean and simplistic appearance. Additionally, these uPVC sash windows have a white woodgrain finish on them to perfectly replicate the look of classic timber sash windows. 

Our Surrey customers always get the creative capacity to find the perfect hardware to increase the authenticity of their chosen uPVC sash windows. Traditional ornate sash horns are included in every one of our sash windows which further add to the authentic appeal. 

Get in touch with our friendly staff today if you would like a complete breakdown of all the customisations we offer on all our uPVC sash window profiles to manufacture Surrey homeowner’s unique windows.

Premium Performance

The uPVC sash windows that we have installed offer an incredible range of advantages in addition to their striking and distinctive looks.

uPVC sash windows’ main advantage is that they provide fantastic thermal insulation. The multi-chambered design of the sash windows aids in trapping warm air pockets. Our Surrey client will benefit from a house that stays at a consistently pleasant temperature all year round. Over time, these thermal profiles can contribute to a decrease in the cost of your heating expenses, as you may rely on central heating less. As a result, this makes uPVC sash windows the ideal economical choice for all Surrey homeowners.

Our uPVC sash windows have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee that they perform at a high level, making them more resilient and long-lasting than timber sash windows. Every day our windows face the elements, and uPVC ensures these profiles will not rot, warp or deteriorate after years of exposure to the outdoors. 

This Surrey homeowner will be able to take full advantage of low maintenance and durable sash windows that will add to the longevity of their home. 

uPVC Sash Window Prices, Surrey

If you, too, like this homeowner, want to upgrade to premium uPVC Sash Windows to enhance your Surrey property, then get in touch with us. 

By getting in touch with our experts, we can give you extended details on our full range of uPVC sash windows and provide in-depth information. Homeowners will be sure to find ideal sash profiles to fit their desired budget, thanks to our competitive prices.