Frameless Sliding Patio Doors Installed in Surrey

The superior slimline InfiniGLIDE 3 sliding doors we provide at GHI can completely transform your Surrey property with stunning aesthetics and various functional and performance advantages. This client installed dual and triple-panel sliding doors in numerous spaces to brighten up certain areas and create seamless connections to outdoor space across the ground floor. Due to this, they expressed how this gives their Surrey property an enlarged feel with a superior finish. 

Modern 20mm sliding doors give a conventional detached home a contemporary feel. Several stunning home transformations can be found in Surrey; this one is no exception. This homeowner is left with a house that will provide better levels of thermal efficiency, security, and weather resistance in addition to stunning views. 

As well as performance, these slimline sliding doors add beautiful aesthetics and adapt the metamorphosis of a home in some circumstances. In addition to this, our aluminium patio doors’ modern look will add a touch of finesse to this Surrey home interior & exterior. 

Keep reading to find out further information on this beautiful installation in Surrey and the technical performance benefits this homeowner can take advantage of. Alternatively, if you’re feeling inspired, contact a member of our friendly team or book a showroom appointment. 

Uninterrupted Views 

Our InfiniGLIDE 3 sliding doors’ industry-leading, ultra-slim 20mm frames have given these profiles popularity in recent years. This 20mm frame is the slimmest frame available on the market. From having these profiles installed in their Surrey property, this client will not have to worry about heavy or cluttered structures that obstruct their views. These incredibly thin sightlines allow for uninterrupted and panoramic views of their surroundings. 

Thanks to the broader large-scale glazing panels, our customers can enjoy a lighter living space and increased natural light. You can create a whole glass wall where you can enjoy panoramic views and bring a breath of nature into your home. 

Installing these InfiniGlide 20mm sliding doors offer slim sightlines, and this Surrey homeowner will have a bright, open room linking indoor and outdoor living as well as lovely views of their garden. If you, too, would like improved light transmission like this client, contact us today to learn further technical details about this premium 20mm sliding door. 

Superior Performance

Optimal thermal performance is possible with these profiles because of innovative technological advancements. You can take advantage of U-values as low as 1.3 when installing our sliding doors. This customer will be able to maintain comfort in their Surrey home, resulting in a consistently pleasant temperature all year round.  

These doors are all designed with multi-point locking systems that increase their heightened security. We guarantee that safety is never compromised when you install our superior 20mm sliding doors. We work to keep our Surrey clients and their families safe and secure all year. 

Our InfiniGLIDE 3 sliding doors come with increased functionality. Due to aluminium’s durable yet lightweight nature, these doors offer ease when opening and closing. Additionally, homeowners can have peace of mind that their aluminium doors are eco-friendly when upgrading old deteriorated profiles. Aluminium is one of the most sustainable construction materials available whilst reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the lifecycle of Surrey homes.

Frameless sliding doors Prices

Just like this customer did, homeowners in Surrey can profit from our exclusive range of industry-leading frameless sliding doors. Please speak with a knowledgeable design team member to learn more about our high-quality 20mm sliding doors. We will be able to discuss the specifics of your project. We will create the perfect frameless sliding doors to match your concept and home flawlessly.

You can quickly get a free quote by using our online quoting engine. Fill out the specified fields with the necessary details about the desired frameless sliding door design only takes a few minutes. Soon after filling out the form, we will send you a customised quote.

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