Roof Lantern Installations in Surrey

GHI has undertaken various roof lantern installations in and around Surrey. Roof lanterns add a channel to bring natural light, giving your space an enlarged illusion. Ultimately roof lanterns will enhance your home, giving a bright and airy feel to a space with reduced lighting. 

As roof lanterns are installed onto the roof, which faces daily elements, they are manufactured using high-quality aluminium, which is robust, weather resistant, secure and customisable to each brief. 

We wanted to share these installations with you so Surrey homeowners can see each project’s versatility and bespoke features. Get in touch with us to learn in-depth about each feature of the Atlas and Korniche roof lanterns, or browse through the selection of other double-glazing products we offer! 

Minimalist Design

Our custom roof lanterns are designed and manufactured to provide an unparalleled aesthetic appeal. They guarantee simple yet effective aesthetics providing sleek, thin sightlines, fewer bars, and hidden hardware. 

Many properties across Epsom, Weybridge and other Surrey surroundings are unique, traditional and modern. Therefore our roof lanterns have lent themselves well as they can blend in well with all architecture types. Each roof lantern is made specifically for each customer and is adapted to their home’s requirements, as you can see from numerous images presented in this article from numerous installations.

Increased Performance and Thermal Efficiency

We only offer our Surrey customers high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Our clients wanted high-performing roof lanterns, so we have installed industry-leading Atlas and Korniche roof lanterns. Atlas and Korniche are established market-leading roof lantern manufacturers; their products speak volumes about the calibre of their offerings. They have perfected their Atlas roof lanterns providing dependable and heightened performing products that have exceeded our client’s expectations. 

Additionally, it has the most advanced thermal technology. Our roof lanterns produce degrees of insulation that are unequalled. By bringing in an abundance of natural light, our customers wanted roof lanterns that would allow light in, however exceeding older levels of thermal efficiency and use innovative technology to eliminate the greenhouse effect. Our roof lanterns are built with aluminium framing and double glazing as standard. 

By installing our premium roof lanterns, our clients have created a bespoke year-round communal space that stays at a consistently pleasant temperature. No longer are house extensions with roof lanterns seasonal spaces. Over time, our customers will earn on their investment as Surrey homeowners could save increasing amounts on their energy bills! 

These lanterns will not only serve to supplement the need for additional natural light during the day but will also significantly shield this area of the house from the elements.

Every homeowner we installed these products for required weather-resistant products to increase the longevity of their homes. Our roof lanterns feature aluminium frames that are incredibly strong and not at all prone to wrapping or deteriorating. 

Stunning Roof Lanterns in Surrey

Overall our Surrey clients have been left with high-performing products with increased functionality and advanced customisation aspects. We have met and exceeded our client’s expectations by installing these premium roof lanterns. In our opinion, these installations only enhance their homes. By allowing our customers increased creative capacity, each product has seamlessly matched their wants and exterior and interior architecture. If these meticulous installations have inspired you, contact us today! 

Surrey Roof Lantern Prices 

Homeowners in and around Surrey can contact us today to learn more about our premium products and how they can bring various advantages to each home. 

If these fantastic home renovation projects have inspired you, you can utilise our online quoting tool for customised prices. You can explore our pricing by filling out the required fields with your design specifications; shortly after, you will be sent a tailored price. You can use this tool numerous times if you want to compare prices. 

On the other hand, if you want to discuss possibilities or explore our full range of products, you can contact us by filling in our online contact form or call us directly at 0800 731 4582. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions and give you advice if you seek it.