Comparing Residence 7 to Liniar Flush Sash Windows

If you are looking for traditional flush sash windows in Weyrbidge, Epsom and across Surry, GHI has the perfect choice for you. Our products are designed to combine stunning aesthetics with unbeatable performance – constructed from robust materials which will add longevity to your home for years to come. With bespoke design elements, we can tailor each window to suit your individual style, or the existing architecture of your Surrey property! 

Are you having trouble selecting the perfect windows for your Surrey home? We understand that there are numerous Window designs on the home improvement market at the moment, that can make it difficult to pick the right one! To help make the process easier, we’ve created a helpful guide containing the details on the brands, materials, and functions that you can expect from the options we carry. Let’s compare two of the most popular brands.

Residence 7 Flush windows

Let’s start with our popular Residence 7 windows. These profiles are the perfect timber alternative to upgrade older traditional property styles around Surrey without taking from the architectural charm. These windows are designed with a beautiful flush look inside and out. As a result they provide clean and elegant lines and stunning outcomes to upgrade and enhance your home. 

Aside from aesthetics they are well manufactured and therefore are market leading windows which will increase your Surrey property’s performance. They have thermally efficient frames and double glazing, which provides superior insulation and energy-efficiency. These energy saving windows reach A++ energy ratings which will provide a lovely warm sanctuary for you and your family throughout the year. Residence 7 windows outperform many systems with a sophisticated seven chamber design and intelligent features. This window system is versatile without complication. 

The flush sash style has a traditional look, but is built with modern security features- including multi-point locking systems to keep your home safe and secure. Combined with a range of paint finishes, Residence 7 flush sash windows offer both style and security. Whether you are looking to update your current windows or install brand new ones, these flush sash windows are a great choice for any homeowner. 

Liniar Flush Sash Windows

Linear flush sash windows are modern, energy-efficient windows that provide advanced insulation, and security. These windows are designed with an integral sash and frame made from a single piece of extruded uPVC, which helps provide superior structural integrity- helping these windows to last longer.

This singular unit helps to create a more thermally efficient space. The window frames used by Liniar are sealed from the outside elements, helping to keep your property warmer in the winter and cool in the summer. The hardware is designed to keep your windows secure, while allowing them to open and close smoothly. 

Comparing Residence 7 Windows to Liniar Flush Sash Windows

Most windows on the market will need to reach a certain level of security and thermal performance to meet industry standards. However, homeowners want a superior window which is why we stock the Residence 7 window over Liniar flush sash windows. 

Residence profiles meet and exceed industry standards offering superior thermal comfort, security and durability compared to Liniar flush sash windows. The reinforced PVC frames make Residence 7 flush sash windows much more secure than the standard Liniar flush sash windows, with an added level of protection any homeowner is sure to appreciate. Residence 7 windows also have longer warranties than those of Liniar flush sash windows, making them more reliable and worth the cost in the long run. That’s why, here at GHI Windows, we stock the Residence 7 range- providing your home with the long term durability you should expect.

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