Contemporary Windows Surrey: The Perfect Choice

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s windows but want to keep the contemporary and traditional feel your house currently has? GHI have a wide range of window styles to fit your property, all able to be personalised to your specific tastes and needs.

Contemporary windows are a beautiful addition to your home, keeping a traditional aesthetic whilst incorporating modern technology. Installing contemporary windows Surrey into your home allows your property to become more energy efficient, thermally secure and better equipped against unwanted visitors.

Casement Windows Surrey

Casement windows are a great traditional style of window for your contemporary windows Surrey home improvement project. Our range of flush casement windows offers excellent thermal efficiency through their 9-chambered profile, keeping your home’s warmth inside the property for longer, therefore resulting in a reduced energy bill cost in the long term.

These casement windows are also incredibly secure, using high-performance locking systems and high quality materials to keep your home safe all year round.

Our flush casement windows are also fully customisable, which makes them perfect for use in all types of homes. They can look modern with a range of colour options available, or be personalised to fit with a period home, with our woodgrain finishes creating the look of a traditional wooden/timber window frame.

Residence Collection Windows Surrey

Perfect for your contemporary windows Surrey installation is the Residence Collection Windows. Here at GHI, we are proud to install these beautiful contemporary windows in your home. Residence Collection windows perfectly balance traditional style and modern functionality. 

This style of window hugely enhances your home’s thermal and security performance. It is fitted with double glazing to improve your property’s energy efficiency, is budget-friendly, and is built to last.

Residence 7 Windows Surrey

Residence 7 windows are great for your contemporary windows Surrey needs. They are manufactured to fit flush inside and outside the window frame and give a modern chic appearance to traditional homes. They are also equipped with high quality locking mechanisms and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are secure from outside forces.

The Residence 7 Collection is also durable to adverse weather and low maintenance with their uPVC frames, perfect to avoid rotting or warping that may occur with traditional timber window frames, and wipe clean for a ‘brand new’ look for years to come.

Residence 9 Windows Surrey 

Residence 9 windows fitted by GHI are an excellent option for your contemporary windows Surrey home improvement project. Similar to the Residence 7 collection, Residence 9 boasts a customisable traditional aesthetic with modern materials. 

Residence 9 windows offer a weatherproof design, ensuring adverse weather does not affect the window by causing twisting or cracking within the frame, which can lead to the window leaking. They are also manufactured with durable and robust materials, for a higher quality and overall performance of your windows. 

Here at GHI, the Residence 9 Window Collection is a great long lasting solution to your window upgrades.

Sliding Sash Windows Surrey

Sliding sash windows are a beautiful authentic window style, which would be perfect as contemporary windows Surrey replacements in heritage, period or traditional homes. The sliding sash windows supplied and fitted by GHI are ideal for homes looking for low maintenance traditional aesthetics, with modern performance benefits. 

Our sliding sash windows are fitted with a locking mechanism that engages at multiple points around the window for high performance security throughout the window frame, ensuring no weak spots that can be targeted by individuals looking to gain access to the property. These locks are also integrated into the window for maximum security performance.

These sash windows are also great for energy and thermal efficiency, fitted with double glazing, which aids in keeping the warmth inside the house, and are perfect for soundproofing your home.

Our sliding sash windows are also fully customisable with a wide variety of colour options and woodgrain foils, ensuring you are able to design and fit your new windows into the current aesthetic and architecture of your home. This also makes them an excellent option for both modern or heritage and traditional homes, as not only can this classic window style be made to look modern or aged specifically, but this can be done whilst still sustaining the modern functions that this style of upgraded window can deliver.

Looking to upgrade your home with contemporary windows Surrey, but overwhelmed with the choices? Get in contact with the team at GHI, and allow the experts to discuss with you precisely what you want from your new windows, and advise on the best options for your home improvement project with new contemporary windows Surrey.

You can get in touch with the team at 0800 731 4582. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you are after, you can start your online quote with us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design your new home!

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