Traditional Residence 9 Windows in Esher

Are you looking to replace the windows within your Esher property? Why not opt for our Residence 9 windows from GHI, and you can benefit from a combination of modern designs with long lasting performance. We work with industry leading brand The Residence Collection, who have stringently tested their Residence 9 windows to ensure they exceed in standards of quality.

The profiles offer a versatile design allowing you to have complete freedom when it comes to how your new Residence 9 windows look. Whether you want to change the colour or opt for bespoke handles and hardware that match your existing windows and doors, we have a range of bespoke customisable features that you can choose from.

For more information on our Esher double glazing installation, get in touch with our team today, and they will assist you with all your Residence 9 windows project needs. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, so you can trust that your project will be in the safest of hands.

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Customisable Designs

With a range of window configurations to choose from, you can perfectly utilise the space you have available within your home and generate bespoke Residence 9 windows that are perfectly tailored to suit the style of your property.


The innovative designs of the Residence 9 profile mean little damage will occur from harsher weather conditions. You can expect your new windows to withstand climates including torrential rain, gale force windows or even heavy snow.

Prompt Installation

From the moment you get in touch, our expert team will be there to help you with your project. Our installers are highly trained and will work promptly and efficiently to install your new Residence 9 windows. You’ll be able to enjoy your new profiles a lot sooner than you may think.

Industry Leading Profile

By working with an industry leading brand, you can put your mind at ease that you’re investing in high quality uPVC windows. Whether you’re replacing a single window or want to completely renovate your property, our Residence 9 windows will greatly improve the functionality of your property.

Bespoke Residence Collection Windows

With our range of Residence 9 flush windows, you can be sure to find the perfect match that suits the style of your home and matches your exact window requirements. Choose from a range of standard colours, and create uPVC window designs that are as bright or as subdued as you desire.

If you’re looking to replace your existing timber windows, but worry that our Residence collection windows won’t match the architecture of your property, then fear not! We have a range of bespoke woodgrain foils, allowing you to easily replicate the look of traditional timber profiles, and not have to worry about a high maintenance care regime.



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ehser residence collection windows

Energy Efficient

Boasting incredible U-values, our Residence 9 windows are designed to provide improved thermal performance. The energy efficient designs will help to reduce the costs of your future heating bills, which in turn will help to reduce your carbon footprint. This makes them an incredibly cost effective home improvement.

Durable Designs

Our Residence 9 windows are manufactured using high quality uPVC materials. This ensures that your new profiles have been built to last and will provide your home with several years of service. Long after the profiles have been installed, you needn’t worry about repairing or replacing the frames.

Low Maintenance Profiles

If you’re looking for replacement windows for conservation areas that will provide you with a low maintenance care regime, then we have the perfect solution for you. To clean your new Residence Collection windows, you’ll simply need to wash the frames down with a damp cloth. This will keep them looking as good as they did on the day of their installation.

How Much Are Residence 9 Windows in Esher?

Request a quote today and see for yourself how much our Residence 9 windows are!

Residence 9 Windows Prices, Esher

Want to know more about how much our Residence 9 windows cost? Get in touch with our friendly team today, and you can get all the information you need about our Residence 9 window styles and how much they will cost you.

Why not try our online quote engine and you can get bespoke Residence 9 windows quotes. All you need to do is enter in your details, and within minutes you can receive a personalised price. It’s really that simple!

Alternatively, if you have any further questions regarding our Residence Collection windows in Esher, then you can contact our team. Either give us a call on 0800 731 4582 or send us a message through our online form. We look forward to helping you with your next Residence 9 windows installation.

Also, we are not limited to Epsom, we also provide Residence 9 Collection installation services in Cheam, Sutton, Guildford, Cobham, Weybridge, and surrounding areas.

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