Heritage Steel Look Doors for Your Walton-on-Thames Home

At GHI, we take great pride in installing steel look doors that improve Walton-on-Thames homes. Any home can benefit from our wide array of steel replacement doors, not only are they aesthetically pleasing and have tailored design functions to meet your vision but they improve the functionality of your property. Our steel look doors manufactured with sturdy aluminium profiles are a result of our collaboration with renowned fabricators SMART. This collaboration ensures you will result in steel look doors that are second to none!

The real quality of heritage steel doors is present in steel look doors but without the disadvantages. These contemporary substitutes for steel provide superior insulation, durability, and strength by adopting aluminium instead of steel. Additionally, our steel-look doors are completely waterproof and maintain their appearance for a very long time. They don’t need routine maintenance or upkeep as a result.

Additionally, the design of the steel look doors for your Walton-on-Thames house will be entirely up to you. With GHI, you take full creative responsibility whilst customising your new doors to fit your vision. A variety of vibrant colours, custom finishes, unique glazing options, hardware, and accessories are available. Find the perfect design for your taste with the assistance of our helpful staff.

GHI is a dependable local installer in Walton-on-Thames. whether you’re interested in our steel look doors or any other double glazing. To ensure a flawless installation, we’ll fit your new doors around your schedule and needs. To find out all the advantages these steel look doors can bring to your home, get in touch with our staff today!

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Excellent Service

At GHI, We have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the home improvement sector and we constantly work to provide our clients with superior service. We install steel look doors in Walton-on-Thames that are made-to-measure and come from industry-leading manufacturers. Throughout the whole process, our expert staff will collaborate closely with you.

Robust Steel Replacement Doors

One of the benefits of choosing steel look doors for your Walton-on-Thames home is their added strength. Aluminium is robust and its durability exceeds steel, meaning your doors will be secure and stand the test of time!

Affordably Priced

In Walton-on-Thames, you can count on GHI to give you market-leading and exceptionally low pricing when you choose us to install your new steel look doors. As a result, you will always be able to find fantastic steel look doors which ultimately match your budget.

Heritage Designs

Our steel look doors are the ideal choice for you if you enjoy the way traditional steel doors look but the price is prohibitive. We provide a variety of endearing and genuine styles that flawlessly mimic the appearance of conventional profiles while providing higher standards of performance and being incredibly affordable.

Tailored Steel Look Doors

If you have a specific vision in mind for your new steel look doors, GHI can provide you with a staggering variety of styles, enabling you to design the ideal set of doors for your house. You will never have to settle. You may build doors that are as bold or as subtle as you wish by choosing a colour from our wide range of RAL colour shades.

The profiles have ornate horizontal couplers to further enhance authenticity while accurately emulating the appearance of classic steel doors. To complete the aesthetic, we even provide a variety of handles with Art Deco design elements.

Our knowledgeable staff at GHI will collaborate closely with you on your project. You can see a visual image of the steel replacement doors before they have been installed thanks to the specialised 3D software we employ.

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Thermally Efficient

Aluminium frames are used with steel look doors for your Walton-on-Thames property. These profiles will provide more insulation than conventional models. By combining this with double glazing our steel look doors attain extremely low U-values. This increased thermal performance will ensure your Walton-on-Thames home always stays at a consistently pleasant temperature. As a result of this, you may find a return on your investment as you lessen the amount of reliance on your central heating.

Low Maintenance

Older steel doors need a lot of upkeep and repair. Since aluminium is more resilient than steel, it maintains its strength and shape. This results in steel look profiles that are very low maintenance. As a result, neither painting nor fixing your new doors will ever be necessary. Instead, all you need to do is use a damp towel to wipe the doors down. It’s incredibly easy to maintain steel look doors for your Walton-on-Thames home!

Steel Look Doors Costs in Walton-on-Thames

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