What is Really Meant by Windows on Finance?

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Finance schemes for windows can be an excellent way to get the windows you need without breaking your budget. Many home improvement businesses offer financing options that allow you to spread out the cost of the windows over a period of time, making them more affordable and easier to manage. Some companies also offer special financing deals for homeowners who are willing to purchase their windows upfront- meaning you can get the windows you need without paying any large, upfront costs. 

However, the home improvement industry is rife with predatory finance options, making it super difficult to know if you’re getting what you pay for. Here at GHI, we care about providing homeowners with transparent, up to date advice surrounding common sales tactics in  the home improvement industry. Let’s go over home improvement finance options- the good, the bad, and the things to watch out for. 

Interest Free Credit- What Does It Mean?

Do you know how interest free credit works? Let’s break it down! Generally, borrowing money comes with a price- interest. Yet, many home improvement companies offer an interest-free loan option. This means you can take out a specific amount, typically with no down payment required, to make improvements to your home. Repayment is made in instalments on a predetermined schedule until the entire sum is paid off. The great part about this arrangement is you won’t have to pay any interest on the amount you borrowed.

Although it may seem attractive to purchase home improvements through an ‘interest free credit’ scheme, once the installation is done, the finance company will likely be charged high interest payments due to their finance schemes. These costs can make up to 25% of their installation fees- so, how do home improvement companies pay for them? To make up for these payments, the retailer must figure out another way to recoup their funds, but where does the interest go? Let’s go over a few options. 

Where Does The Interest Go?

Home improvement companies have two options when it comes to offering “interest free” schemes: charging an expensive markup on services or taking a loss on their profits. The former is illegal, as it does not constitute “interest free credit”, while the latter can have a negative effect on the quality of work, the products they install, and aftercare services. Both of these routes can make for bad quality craftsmanship, service and transparency. 

Interest free credit schemes may also not be as good as they look for the consumer. One of the issues with interest-free credit deals is that customers must commit to paying large sums of money back over a long period – a challenge that can be difficult to overcome. Life can be unpredictable, making it super difficult to commit to making hefty repayments years from now. Even worse, failure to make payments can lead to pricey repercussions, or a mounting debt that can wreak havoc on your credit score- and these drawbacks make it difficult to recommend windows on finance to even the most stable of consumers. 

Should I Trust Windows on Finance?

Here at GHI Windows, we care about providing high quality home improvement solutions to homeowners across Surrey and beyond. We want to deliver products and services that are durable, safe and built to last- without any of the common sales junk of the home improvement industry. That’s why you won’t see us recommending risky finance packages, that may cause any homeowner serious problems down the road. We care about delivering home improvements you can truly enjoy, dedicated to a stress-free, worry-free experience. 

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