What Sliding Door is Right for your Surrey Home?

Sliding doors come in a variety of styles and we install both uPVC and aluminium sliding patio doors to suit all design tastes. Primarily consisting of glass, wood, or metal, sliding doors enable seamless transitions from your home and garden.

Sliding doors are often installed on patios or balconies. This is due to their expansive glazing to open your space up to showcase stunning panoramic views. This product uses an overhead track to unlock and open by sliding to one side, saving valuable floor space. This makes them perfect for both small and larger properties in Surrey. 

Here at GHI Windows, we offer numerous sliding doors that could be perfect for your home in Surrey. We work with market-leading manufacturers including, AluK, Origin, Schuco, InfiniGLIDE, and cortizo. However, the large range we carry can make it quite difficult to choose which door will enhance your home the most.

This handy guide is designed to help you pick the correct sliding door for your property, by going over various materials and functions that sliding doors are likely to provide.

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InfiniGLIDE 3 & EdgeGLIDE

Here at GHI Windows, we install two frameless sliding doors, including the InfiniGLIDE 3 and the EdgeGLIDE. These ultra-slim sliding patio doors offer stunning aesthetics and exceptional thermal performance for your Surrey home. These sliding doors offer slim sightlines. The EdgeGLIDE offer 45mm, whilst the InfiniGLIDE 3 offers our most impressive 20mm slim interlock. Every horizon is worth seeing, and now you can enjoy amazing views from the comfort of your home. These frameless sliding doors bring your outdoors inside.

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AluK Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for a high performance sliding doors, then GHI have the answer. The AluK BSC94 sliding door is a modern, versatile choice for all Surrey properties. This premium AluK BSC94 sliding door combines performance and functionality to offer home owners a high quality profile which will only enhance their home. This profile offer impressive performance including market-leading thermal comfort, security and fantastic weatherproofing.

This versatile sliding door offers multiple configurations with a smart inline system. This will allow you to open this sliding door in different ways which will suit the layout of your home. Additionally, this profile is PAS24 certified. This will provide our Surrey clients with excellent security features and provide peace of mind.

AluK sliding doors are manufactured to the highest industry standards but without forgetting visual aesthetics. Working with GHI you can customise this profile to your project requirements making it ideal for all architectural projects and home renovation projects!

Origin Sliding Doors ( OS-29, OS-44 )

Which Sliding Door is Right for my Surrey Home?

When thinking about a new sliding door for your home in Surrey, there are a number of factors you might consider. There are some distinct differences between regular sliding doors and bifolds that might be useful to think about. 

For example, think about their opening mechanism. Sliding doors move back and forth along a track, typically occupying a space of up to twice their width when open. This type of door is often used as an entrance onto patios and balconies in homes, and as entrance/exit ways in commercial settings. Bifold doors, on the other hand, fold up accordion-style and actually become thinner when open compared to their closed state. Bifold doors are popular for larger openings such as entire walls between living spaces or rooms. Both types of doors have their unique benefits, but sliding doors generally take up more space when open while bifold doors become thinner and can be tucked away when not in use.

No matter which door you’re thinking might be right for your property, our range at GHI Windows will suit your Surrey home perfectly. Whether you’ve made up your mind or would like some help picking the best door for your home, our friendly team is always here. Contact us today using our online contact form, or call us on 01932 847977. We’d love to help you get started.

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