When Should You Replace Double Glazing?

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When Should You Replace Double Glazing?

Proactive homeowners work to defend their home against future challenges, before they become a huge problem- and replacing double glazing installations is a great example of this. With energy bills constantly on the rise here in the UK, conserving heat inside your home is more important than ever- helping to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank! 

If not properly maintained, double glazing can deteriorate over time, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. The most common issue seen in double glazing is condensation, which forms when the air between the two glass sheets cannot flow and is instead trapped- which you can clearly see between the panes of glass. As the air gets saturated, condensation appears on the glass, creating all too common problems with damp and mould. Ignoring this issue could cause long-term damage to the frame and sealant, meaning you may need expensive repairs or replacements.

Being prepared can help you save money, avoid stress, and save time- since double glazing repairs can often be expensive! Deciding when is the best time to invest in home improvements is always challenging, but watching out for certain signs that your double glazing could do with improvement can help determine when your property could benefit from an upgrade. Let’s go over some surefire signs here. 

Signs Your Double Glazing Needs Replacing

If you have double glazing in your home, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for that could indicate that it is time to replace it. These include condensation between the panes, drafts or cold spots near the windows, damage such as cracks or chips, or an increase in external noise levels.  It’s also important to think about the age of your windows. If they are over 20 years old, this is a good sign that your windows could be leaking heat over time, even if they don’t appear to be damaged. 

Condensation is a sure sign that the double glazing seal has failed, which can not only affect the aesthetics of your windows, but also the energy efficiency of your home. Draughts, damage, and increased noise levels can also compromise the performance and security of the windows. Newer materials and technologies can provide better insulation and energy efficiency, so if your double glazing is of an older age, it may be time to replace it- just to access all the benefits that more modern double glazing installations have to offer. 

The best way to find out if your windows need replacing is to inspect them. You can do this visually, but if you’re struggling or don’t know what to look for, you can always contact a professional- they’d be happy to help. You can also feel for draughts and changes in temperature. A definite sign that your double glazing may need to be repaired or replaced is that it creates a draught coming from around the frames of the windows. You may also notice an increase in outside noise or a difference in the temperature inside your home. Any of these could be an indicator that your double glazing has failed and needs your attention. But, as we’ve mentioned- there’s no harm in contacting an expert, especially if you’re unsure. 

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