Window Energy Ratings & Why They Are Important

At GHI Windows, we provide an array of window styles that could be the perfect match for your home in Surrey. With such a wide selection, it can be challenging to select the right window for your needs. To help you in making the right decision, we have put together a useful guide that covers the different materials and functions offered by our extensive window range- and how they can be perfect for improving the energy efficiency of your property.

Energy efficiency has never been more important. In 2023, with energy prices reaching an all time high here in the UK, it makes sense to invest in sensible window solutions that help put a stop to energy loss in your home- that’s fundamentally the same as throwing money out the window! Before we get started, it’s important to understand the basics. What is a windows energy rating, and why is it so important for your home? We go over the fundamentals below.

What is a Window Energy Rating?

A window energy rating is a measure of a window’s energy efficiency, specifically its ability to prevent heat loss or gain- making it a perfect measure of energy efficiency whatever the weather, hotter or colder. This rating is important for consumers because it can help them make informed decisions when purchasing windows for their homes or businesses. 

A higher window energy rating means that the window is more efficient at insulating your home, and can potentially save you money on those pesky energy bills. It also means that the window is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces the energy consumption needed to heat or cool the space effectively- putting a stop to the endless use of indoor space heaters or fans. With the increasing focus on sustainability and reducing energy usage here in Britain, understanding a window’s energy rating can help you as a homeowner to make a positive impact on the environment- while also saving money. What’s not to love?

Windows Energy Ratings are Simple

Windows are rated with simple letters from A++ to E, which gives a simple indication of how energy efficient the window you’re thinking of purchasing is. This information should be readily available from your home improvement provider of choice- but if that’s simply not enough information, we can get more technical and discuss the components that go into the window energy rating system below. 

What to Look For in a Windows Energy Rating

When searching for an energy-efficient window, there are a few key factors to look for in its energy rating. First, check for the U-factor, which measures how well the window insulates against heat loss. The lower the number, the better the insulation. Simple, right? It couldn’t be easier to get started when it comes to comparing windows on today’s market! However, if you’re unsure of this information or not sure what to ask for when shopping around, let your home improvement company of choice know- they’d be happy to help. 

Next, look for the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which shows how much solar heat can enter through your new windows. A lower SHGC is useful in hot climates, while a higher one is better for colder climates- in the UK, where weather can be a bit up and down, it might be useful to explore your home and work out whether your property suffers from patches of overheating or uncomfortable draughts. This can help you to decide which offer is best for your property. 

The visible transmittance (VT) rating indicates the amount of natural light that can pass through the window. A higher VT can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day- perfect for airy, open spaces, like modern kitchens, unique living rooms, or overlooking verandas. It can also be useful to consider the air leakage rating, which measures how much air can pass through the window- important for if your property is known to suffer with draughts. A lower rating means less air leakage, resulting in higher energy efficiency. By paying attention to these factors, you can choose a window with the perfect energy efficiency rating for your needs. 

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