20mm Sliding Patio Doors Case Study

Our client in Surrey wanted to replace their existing sliding doors. They want a less obtrusive system with an increased contemporary aesthetic. Their previous deteriorated profiles were bulky and did not provide much natural light emission. As you can see from the images, the ultra-thin slimline central counterparts leave this customer with uninterrupted views.

Our clients selected our Aluminium 20mm sliding door system, which features a nearly frameless design and a highly slick and fashionable appearance. The sliding doors were created to match the available space, resulting in large-scale glazing that gives the area the appearance of being brighter and bigger.

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Panoramic Views

Our industry-leading sliding doors in Surrey also have some of the slimmest sightlines available. At just 20mm thick, the incredibly narrow sightline of these sliding doors has provided our client with almost seamless views. They may now take in their surroundings without the frame getting in the way.

Their property will appear brighter and lighter for a longer period, which is another advantage of the sleek design. Numerous profiles installed within one space will allow this property to benefit greatly from the increased light transmission because it will give these rooms an enlarged space. 

To tie everything together, the customer chose a sliding door system with two glazing panels as well as large-scale glass windows. As soon as it is finished, the house will have an instant boost in visual appeal and provide a highly fashionable living area.

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High Performance Sliding Doors

We collaborate with some of the top sliding door manufacturers. This guarantees that not only can our clients enjoy cutting-edge looks, but they also get to take advantage of amazing performance.

With our sliding doors, the revolutionary design allows them to be opened and closed with ease. Additionally, to assist keep the building safe and secure at all times, they are equipped with sturdy hardware and custom handles.

Our sliding doors will also add increased longevity to this client’s home as they are manufactured from the highest-grade aluminium. Due to this, our Surrey clients will have complete peace of mind that they will not have to perform extensive maintenance or even replace these profiles in the foreseeable future. 

The sliding doors that we provide will also aid in enhancing a building’s thermal performance. Your Surrey home will experience improved insulation and heating year after year. Your energy expenditures will be kept low thanks to the contemporary design’s ability to trap pockets of warm air and this will lessen your reliance on your central heating. 

Premium Sliding Door Prices

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