ALUK Window and Cortizo BiFold Installation in Surrey

A client got in touch with us looking for a quote to have all of their home’s windows and their extension and back/side doors replaced. The client was mindful of keeping a modern aesthetic in their property, and was conscious of security and energy efficiency when choosing their new windows and doors.

As shown in the images within this case study, we installed ALUK windows across their home, Cortizo bifold doors on the back of the house, a residential door on the side, and aluminium doors on their extension. Our client chose for the windows to have the same colour and stylisation across the entire property, and the door frames were designed to closely match the same aesthetic.

If you feel that this style of window and door installation would be a perfect fit for your Surrey home renovation project, get in touch with the team at GHI for further discussion and a quote.

ALUK windows and Cortizo bifold doors Surrey home

We wanted to keep with the modern feel of the home; however, we were conscious of choosing products for their window and door replacement that we could ensure would benefit their home.

ALUK windows are made from aluminium, a great alternative material for window frames, as this ensures that the frames are not affected by adverse weather conditions, avoiding rotting or warping that may occur with timber or wooden window frames. Our client wanted to ensure that by upgrading their windows to the ALUK windows we provide, they would be suitable for keeping their home weather secure.

ALUK windows are also thermally efficient, an important feature when considering which window options to upgrade your current windows to. ALUK strives to provide windows that are thermal and energy efficient, helping their clients to keep their energy bills down and their home’s insulation up.

This client also needed their Surrey home’s back and side doors replaced and was looking for a style of door that would allow them to have lots of open space. We installed the Cortizo bifold doors on the back of their property, as these met the client’s brief and are a great investment for any home. We then installed a residential door on the side of the home and a residential door and ALUK windows into the extension.

Aluminium residential door Surrey with aluminium single pane window

Cortizo bifold doors allow for the doors to be customised to fit the style of home they are being fitted to, with elements such as inwards and outwards opening and an allowance of up to 14 sashes, perfect for larger home renovation projects. The bottom runner frame for this style of door can also be embedded into the floor, making the bifold doors a great option for accessibility.

If this style of home renovation would fit your home project upgrade brief, get in touch at 0800 731 4582 for a quote or for more information from our team on ALUK windows and Cortizo bifold doors.

Cortizo bifold doors Surrey - aluminium bifold doors with three glass panes
Three pane ALUK window Surrey
Lower floor ALUK window Surrey on brick home
ALUK windows Surrey - aluminium frame lower floor window
Single pane lower floor aluminium frame window
Upper floor aluminium window in Surrey home