Case Study: Residence 9 Window Installation in Surrey

Many homes in and around Surrey have lovely traditional architectural charms about them. This home is no exception. Our client wanted window profiles which would seamlessly match its exterior appearance but provide them with heightened performance benefits. 

They chose our Residence 9 profiles. The clients had several enhanced features incorporated into the design to make them truly appealing and offer bespoke aesthetics that flawlessly mirror the look of timber windows without the costly upkeep regime.

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A Heritage Appearance

The clients decided to have the Residence 9 flush windows installed in their Surrey home, as we mentioned above. They chose white profiles, giving them a timeless but endearing appeal.

As standard older timber, Residence 9 windows were manufactured with black gaskets and spacer bars; however, these advanced modern uPVC profiles are white to match seamlessly. 

In order to replicate the appearance of classic timber flush windows, GHI instals the profiles with a specific white gasket when you pick GHI for your Residence 9 windows. In a novel technique, our manufacturers manually roll the white gasket finish to blend the window into the surrounding wood.

Additionally, we included many improved features to the Residence 9 windows that we fitted to boost authenticity further. The Radlington deep classic 55mm external cills on the uPVC windows contrast with the usual 30mm cills on Residence 9 windows. Additionally, you can see that they have black dummy butt hinges, which are characteristics of traditional timber flush windows.

Thermal Performance

After having these premium windows installed in their Surrey home, this customer can now benefit from windows engineered to deliver great performance in addition to the lovely looks offered by the profiles. The uPVC flush sash windows will offer long-lasting and sturdy performance, maintaining the home’s thermal efficiency. 

When Surrey homeowners upgrade their windows, they should receive better thermal efficiency for their homes. By installing these contemporary Residence 9 windows, this Surrey customer will benefit from outstanding thermal capabilities due to their multi-chambered profiles. They will retain heat efficiently and maintain a comfortable temperature year-round. Keeping your Surrey home at a consistent temperature will mean that this customer may rely less on central heating and begin to save money on their energy bills. Not only will your bills reduce, but so will your property’s carbon footprint.

We have a skilled group of installers and design consultants who will collaborate closely with you at every stage. You can count on us to assist you in creating bespoke Residence 9 window profiles that bring many advantages. 

Increased Durability

Many traditional Surrey properties offer a beautiful charm that homeowners want to replicate whilst reaping numerous benefits. Our Residence 9 flush windows were the perfect option for this Surrey homeowner looking to upgrade their home as they could still complement the traditional exterior knowing they will add to the longevity of their home. 

These windows are manufactured using high-quality uPVC. You can trust that; your new Residence 9 windows will offer impressive durability standards compared to traditional timber. The weatherproofed design will prevent adverse Surrey weather conditions from affecting the windows, stopping them from rotting, cracking or twisting. 

Residence 9 Window Prices

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