Grey Residence 9 Window Installation

Homes in and around Surrey offer stunning heritage charm, and our Residence 9 windows perfectly complement the traditional architectural character of their property. This homeowner’s one requirement was to retain the character of the architecture but add a slightly contemporary feel. 

Residence 9 windows are extremely attractive and offer bespoke aesthetics that mirror the look of timber flush windows entirely without the bother and high upkeep care regime. The clients incorporated various enhanced features into the design, making them genuinely charming.

If you want Residence 9 windows installed in your home, contact our expert home improvement team. If you want to learn more about these windows’ performance, functionality and aesthetic features, keep reading!

residence 9 window installations

Heritage Charm

The traditionally elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior create that classic aesthetic.

Although these windows offer a beautiful traditional appearance, this client also wanted to add a contemporary touch, so they chose to have an off-white/grey colour. They chose Painswick in a grain finish to replicate timber. This matches their front door and complements the grey roofing tiles and white walls on the front of the house. This installation offers perfect first impressions when guests come to your home. 

For the interior, this client opted for a classic clean white, giving them a timeless but endearing feel. Additionally, they paired the clean white finish with beautiful regal handles in the silver finish. Ragal handles are the perfect finishing detail for recreating a period appearance. However, this client did state they wanted a fresh contemporary feel, so the silver hardware finish was the ideal option. 

Because the original timber windows lacked a sealed finish, the glazing was held in place with putty. With this, you avoided having ugly black gaskets around the edges of the sashes. To replicate the appearance of classic timber flush windows, GHI instals the profiles with a specific white gasket. In a novel technique, our manufacturers roll the white gasket finish to blend the window into the surrounding wood. This client has expressed how clean the finish appearance and installation were!


We know that our client’s top priority is security when it comes to updating their home’s windows and doors. Your family’s safety will always come first when you choose GHI Windows. Our Residence collection casement windows will guarantee that your home has never been safer thanks to their fantastic locking systems and use of high-grade materials during manufacturing. Our Residence 9 Collection windows undergo rigorous testing to ensure that you will have excellent security from even the most determined intruders.

Investing in new windows should improve your home’s thermal performance. This homeowner wanted optimal thermal insulation to reduce the greenhouse effect this summer and provide fantastic warmth during the looming colder months. The multi-chambered profile will provide superior thermal characteristics for this Surrey homeowner. They’ll effectively trap heat and keep your house at a consistently comfortable temperature all year. Maintaining a constant temperature in your Surrey house will allow you to rely less on central heating; therefore, this homeowner will see a reduction in energy costs over time. Not only will your expenses go down, but so will the carbon footprint of your building.

Our expert team of design consultants and installers will work closely with you every step of the way. From the moment you get in touch to complete the project, you can rely on us to help you build your dream home and invest in the best flush windows.

Residence 9 window Prices 

Contact the GHI team if you’d like to purchase Residence 9 windows for your Surrey home. We provide high-quality brands for competitive prices. Residence 9 flush windows will significantly enhance your home’s appearance and performance.

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