Residence 9 Window Installation in Epsom

This Epsom client wanted a window more in keeping with their and the neighbourhood’s traditional architecture. They chose the flush casement windows from our Residence 9 model. To make them truly appealing and offer bespoke aesthetics that flawlessly mirror their vision, they decided to incorporate decorative glazing and other enhanced features into the design.

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Heritage Flush Installation

This client decided to have the Residence 9 windows installed in their home, as we mentioned above. They decided to have the profiles painted white, which gives them a timeless but endearing appeal.

The black gasket and spacer bar finish that all Residence 9 frames and flush windows offer portrays that it is not a timber window. It closely minion the market is a dead giveaway that it is a plastic window and not the original timber flush casement.

Original timber windows never featured a sealed finish, meaning that the glazing was held in with putty. With this, you never saw unsightly black gaskets around the edge of the sashes. When you choose GHI for your Residence 9 windows, we install the profiles with a unique white gasket, thus providing an extra exceptional finish when trying to recreate the look of traditional timber flush windows. Uniquely, our manufacturer hand roll the white gasket finish to make the window indistinguishable from its timber counterpart.

Additionally, we included several improved features to the Residence 9 windows that we fitted to boost authenticity further. This customer was able to get involved with the design process, pushing their design capabilities. They opted for decorative ornate double glazing. This added additional bespoke charm, staying in line with their traditional architecture. 

The positioning of this decorative glazing is vital. They placed it on the smaller top window, benefiting from the slim sightlines, natural light and beautiful surrounding views on the bottom casement windows. The glazing option they have utilised complements the age of the building as well as creates a bold yet in-keeping exterior appeal. 

Thermal Efficiency

Investing in new windows should improve your home’s thermal performance. This premium residence 9 windows will never compromise on performance. The multi-chambered profiles have provided superior thermal characteristics for this Epsom property. These profiles will effectively retain heat and keep your Epsom home at a cosy temperature all year. Maintaining a pleasant temperature will lessen your reliance on central heating and could lead to a return on investment where you start saving money on energy bills. Not only will your expenses go down, but so will your home’s carbon footprint.

Residence 9 Window Prices

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