Roof Lantern Case Study in Surrey

GHI has recently completed this stunning roof lantern installation for a client in Surrey. 

This client chose roof lanterns to give an additional pathway for natural light, creating an enlarged illusion in their house extension. Due to this, the roof lanterns have brought a feeling of brightness and airiness to this space.

Our roof lanterns are manufactured of high-quality aluminium because it is durable, weather resistant, and secure. These heightened performance benefits are essential as they are exposed to the elements daily.

We wanted to show you this installation so other Surrey residents could appreciate this product’s adaptability and unique aspects. Contact us for more details about the Atlas roof lanterns’ features.

Contemporary Aesthetics 

Our roof lanterns are customisable; therefore, we have worked closely with this client to design the perfect roof lanterns which adhere to their requirements, putting our creative minds together to create aesthetic appeal. The final roof lanterns installed here display straightforward yet attractive aesthetics that include fewer bars and concealed hardware to maximise sight lines. 

Many of the homes in Surrey are distinctive, historic, and modern. As a result, our roof lanterns have provided the perfect fit for this client as it complements its architecture bringing a combination of traditional and contemporary aesthetic and performance benefits. 

Heightened Performance

We have installed market-leading Atlas roof lanterns since our client wanted heightened performance benefits and low-maintenance products in addition to their visual appeal. 

The quality of Atlas products speaks loudly about their standing as market-leading roof lantern manufacturers. Their Atlas roof lanterns have been refined, offering dependable and higher-performing installations that have surpassed our Surrey client’s expectations.

In this instance, these premium roof lanterns have been installed in a new home extension. However, if you are inspired, they can be installed in an existing space. 

The sturdy aluminium used in constructing these Atlas roof lanterns guarantees they will function at their best year-round when exposed to the elements daily. These Atlas roof lanterns in Surrey are among the most cutting-edge products available today because they are created using the most recent technology. They combine elegance and functionality. This client will benefit from self-cleaning and low-maintenance products which are robust, durable and energy-saving. 

Thermal Efficiency

Our Surrey Atlas roof lanterns guarantee to provide optimal levels of thermal efficiency. To ensure they retain as much of the natural warmth of your house as possible, they are built with aluminium framing and advanced double glazing as standard. This has ensured that this customer will benefit from a space that can be utilised all year round. 

Additionally, they are manufactured with the most cutting-edge thermal technology. Unmatched degrees of insulation is produced by our roof lanterns, minimising breezes and reducing the greenhouse effect. Our customers requested roof lanterns that let light in but surpass older standards of thermal efficiency and employ cutting-edge technology to abolish the greenhouse effect. This product has been the perfect answer and left this customer to enjoy their new space.

Roof Lantern Prices

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