Steel-look Aluminium Doors, Surrey

Our client in Surrey was looking for a way to heighten the performance of their home whilst maintaining the traditional architectural appeal.

The client took advantage of heritage profiles that have been manufactured to deliver authentic aesthetics by selecting our steel replacement doors. Our steel replacement doors have a market-leading profile and are built to deliver outstanding performance years after installation. They are therefore the ideal option for anyone looking to update their Surrey home with double glazing while retaining its traditional characteristics and heritage aesthetic.

If you are admiring this transformation and would like to find out more about our steel-look products and double glazing in Surrey, contact us via our online contact form. We can discuss your project and learn more about how they could provide new performance standards for your home.

Advanced Materials & Exceptional Design

Not only have these stunning steel-look aluminium doors brought beautiful designs to this home, but they will improve performance. Our steel-look profiles are a cost-effective alternative to traditional steel doors.

These profiles are manufactured using aluminium, a material well known for its inherent strength and durability. As a result of this, our client needn’t worry about replacing the frames for many years to come. These aluminium profiles will only amplify the longevity of these steel-look profiles.

Additionally, the steel replacement aluminium doors will offer increased thermal performance, maintaining a pleasant temperature in the home all year long. Our client enhanced their cosy living space that is highly thermally efficient. Our profiles use less energy and produce U-values as low as 1.4W/m2K. The design on these doors are unique as it features a polyamide thermal break which will retain heat for longer. Our client will benefit from their return on investment as they rely on central heating less and could begin to save on energy bills.

Customise Steel-Look Doors To Your Home

For many years, more traditional residences in Surrey have favoured steel doors.  However, our steel-look profiles are the ideal option for ensuring you can maintain the original look of your building without having to miss out on modern innovations, as shown in the imagery.

Our steel-look profiles offer full customisation. You can choose from a wide range of handles and accessories to replicate authenticity.

This customer opted for our single black-coloured steel-look doors as opposed to our dual colour options as they wanted to maintain a simple design. This helps modernise the appearance of these doors and gives them a modern gloss without drastically altering the overall look.

This striking profile features horizontal and vertical bars, handle backplates and bottom kick plates which has created this iconic end result. We are thrilled with the project’s outcome! These door profiles have enhanced this property and drastically improved its curb appeal.

If you want to upgrade your home with similar profiles, then get in touch with our team today to discuss the next steps to design your ideal doors.

Steel Look Aluminium Door Prices, Surrey

If you want to invest in steel-look doors for your Surrey home, get in touch with the GHI team today. We can provide an array of designs that have been expertly developed to blend classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality.

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